Saturday, July 17, 2004

Doing the do(or)

Cut n Paste tonight. Weird indie/rock/pop disco that plays anything from Britney to Black Sabbath via Beastie Boys and Betty Boo (Buffalo Bar, Highbury Corner, London if you're interested).

I have mixed feelings about this club. a) it's great - a strange idea that works really well. b) I swore I would not get involved in this enterprise and consequently, being as stubborn as the blood stain in the boot of my car, I refuse to enjoy it. I try to cope with this conflict of interests by chatting to the lovely punters' and taking their money and coats on the door, allowing me to listen to the music without being directly exposed to it (the door is at the top of the stairs)...

Oh god, I've just realised it's my birthday next week. I'd better get some St. John's Wort in.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger bandhag said...

You fucking love it, you slag.


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