Thursday, July 15, 2004

My eye man (said in Geordie accent)

Once I've worked out how to use this thing properly remind me to post the disgusting picture of myself with the eye infection I developed on Tuesday. It was grim (getting better now though). Since my doctors are so awful I went to the NHS walk in centre and waited two hours to be seen. Got a good doctor though who actually spared the time to explain what was wrong with it.

"It's got an infection"

Cheers mate. Well it's better than what I usually get from my regular doctor...

"What's the matter with you? Don't come here wasting my time, there's no way I'm giving you a prescription unless it's for something you could buy over the counter for half the price."

I've got some lovely eye drops that feel like sulphuric acid when I put them in.

Woo hoo!


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